Friday, January 23, 2015

Last Holiday : Melbourne day 7/Gold Coast day 2

Friday, January 23, 2015
It's the second day at Gold Coast, and we spend half day playing with water at Wet and Wild and the remaining day we had some fun at Warner Bros Movie World. Enjoy these photos.

The first thing to do after waking up that morning was to enjoy the soft blanket at the hotel and the scenery outside my room.

And never forget to take selfie in the morning,

I didn't take many photos today, because I'm too caught up in the moments. I also couldn't have my camera and phone around, cause some rides forbid them and also waters..
So, here's what I had for lunch at Wet and Wild. Burger, pizza and chips and frozen cola, but I only took this photo. It tasted alright, just standard for theme park like this.

Enjoying quick lunch with my sis. My bro took the photo.

Never forget to take photos and update! lol

After some dips in the water, we took a short walk to WB Movie World. Though, it might be a long walk if you're in some not so comfortable footwear like I was.

There's a souvenir shop here, so don't forget to grab something for your niece or nephews or anyone who loves WB on your way out. If everyone in your group are getting in the rides, you'd have to rent a one day locker to keep your things.

The Superman ride was the most exciting one, and if you're coming here you should try this one first. It was just really fun. First, I was like just sitting there in a car, chillin', and next I was like whoosh! I was flying, like literally, but of course not literally, lol.

There's also the Green Lantern ride, I felt like throwing up after the ride, moreover because I got in it after the Batman ride. It was a horrible one, but I couldn't miss any ride because it's gonna be a waste of the ticket then. haha

Don't forget to see the parade too every afternoon, maybe around 3pm, it was really fun because I got to shake hands with Scooby Doo, lol. I know they're only people in some really cute and cool costumes, but still... right?

And, It's time to come back to the hotel. We went for a walk, looking for some tasty stuffs to fill our stomach. Then, we found a gelato bar, lovely! They were vanilla and mint. You just couldn't resist ice cream in such a warm weather.

There was an "All you can eat" restaurant nearby, but we didn't really want to have unlemeted meat, vegetables and rice. No, it's not a typo. They say it was unlemeted....
And, what would be of us if we ate unlimited meat, no thanks, I already gained so much that time, haha. 

We, finally stopped at a ramen bar. The name was Hakataya Ramen and they were really filling, because you can have 1 extra noodle for free for each person! That was really cool. I had the original ramen which was around $10. The ramen tasted so good. Just remember not to drink up all the soup if you want to have extra noodle.

This was the spicy one. I prefer the one with the clearer soup.

After we finished the satisfying last dinner at Surfers Paradise, we went back to our hotel to relax in the hot pool, then went to sleep.

Thanks for reading my holiday story, I hope you enjoy this. 
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