Saturday, August 16, 2014

OOTD : Independence Day

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Hi, butters. Today's post is gonna be ootd with (obviously) independence day as theme. Tomorrow which is August 17th is Indonesia's independence day and I'm really looking forward to it for I've planned to jog(more like brisk walk) to the Sunday market with my dad. Yay! So, back to the post, I pick red for the main colour of my outfit today as red is a part of Indonesia's national flag which is red and white. Scroll down, butters~

What I wore :
  • Red blouse. It's got a baby doll-like style and puffy sleeves. This bold and lively red piece is the main attraction of today's look.
  • Olive green parka. An army coloured parka jacket. This colour gives a veteran feel to my outfit.
  • Dirty silver necklace with leaves details. The silver cools down the bold red and keeps you from looking like you put too much effort.
  • Red and white bracelets to bring up the independence day atmosphere. I already wear red as my main outfit so I wear the white as a minor detail so I don't put too much color and contrast.
  • Black skater skirt. There's red flowers pattern on it that matches my blouse.
  • Black clutch to balance the other 2 blacks.
  • Black fisherman shoes to match my skirt.

Congratulation, you have reached the end of my ootd post. Did you notice that I always put so many photos in my ootd posts? Is it really that many, though? That is not because I'm narcissistic (you hypocrite, lol) but it's just that I take at least 50 photos for every ootd sometimes up to 100 and I just feel like it's too bad if I don't share all the best photos. So, yeah. I also want to give credit to my dad for being a great photographer for this session, haha. He has mastered my DSLR today. And I hope today's post inspires you much. Thanks for being a patient reader.
Happy Independence day again to my homeland and see you next post~

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