Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last Holiday : Melbourne Day 2 - 3 + OOTD

Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Hello, butters.
Today's post will be more about Melbourne day 2 and 3 plus outfit of the day as I don't take many details on what I was wearing.

Day 2 : Chadstone Shopping Centre

I didn't take many photos here today and there won't be as many story to share as on Day 1, because I was too focused on window shopping haha. But, still please enjoy the pictures I took :)

Gorgeous big flower crown. Found them at Sports Girl.
I bought some macarons from La Belle Miette, if you see one please do buy and try how heavenly they taste. Really good! Sadly, sadly I can't remember their names, but they all were really delicious.

Love 'em pastel macarons

What we wore that day. I think I was weird I didn't take any photos for ootd.
Here are my ootd details anyway :
  • Purple knitwear
  • Black slit maxi skirt
  • Orange loafer
  • Striped bags
Dinner, what's for dinner? I had a big meal at Jade Kingdom at Waiora road. They offer chinese malaysian cuisine and they were really delicious. Well, what's not delicious for me anyway.

No, that's not all. More are coming. :9

Day 3 : City-White Night

Today, we planned on going to the White Night festival. And, I found Tom Hiddleston on the paper. 

After having breakfast, we went out to catch the bus to Box Hill. 
Selfies while waiting for the bus
Grabbed pork filled chinese pancake in Box Hill, yummy.
After some window shopping and snacking at Box Hill, we got into the train and went to the city.

Street views. There were a real lot of shops along the street.

Ice cream! This is known as 'Walls' in Indonesia.
Cute shops~

I love Melbourne's alleys

More cute shops at the alleys

 And, here's my outfit of that day~

Excuse the awkward pose
I may skip ootd photos, but I certainly don't skip selfies!

Here's what I wore :

  • Gray sweater
  • Leather-like black skirt
  • Black tights
  • Beige ankle boots
  • Striped bag
Artsy alley

After some street shopping, we went to Melbourne Central, a shopping centre complex linked to a train station. There are lots of stores here, from stationeries

For noon snack, I had burger from burger Edge. Yes, apparently burger is a snack to me. The burger was really filling as it was a big portion and moreover the buns were wholewheat. Long live healthy burgers! lol.

And theeen, we went to Gami Korean restaurant for afternoon lunch. Haha. We've got to charge our batteries for the festival. It was really crowded, we had to sit outside with the cold blowing wind. But eventually we got to move inside, yay. We had Korean fried chickens, there were the sweet ones and spicy ones, and we had salad for sides and tteokbokki (korean rice cakes). They all were absolutely delicious and scrumptious, especially for the fried chickens! They were so irresistable, lol. We also had some beer, but I'm not really a fan of beer. 
Long walk to Gami

We stayed at the city until evening to watch this white night festival. It's like an art festival, and there were bright and colourful illumination on the buildings which were really awesome. It was really beautiful, but what I didn't enjoy was the crowd. Well, it's a festival. Where there's festival, there's crowd. It was fun, though to be in the crowd once in a while (in my case, once a year).

Kitty on TV!
We took a lot of selfies, especially at the park. There were colourful lights that changed for like every half minute probably. They were really pretty.

All transportation fares were free that night. We headed home by train, it was really crowded I couldn't move an inch in the train. The festival was an interesting experience for me, and I really enjoyed the day. It was probably 1 am when we reached the house. Time to hit the bed and save energy for more excitements to come.

Thanks for reading, butters. Hopefully the post entertains you.
Please, look forward for day 4 and on. 
See you :*
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