Monday, September 1, 2014

Revlon : Just Bitten Lip stain+Balm Crave/Envie

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello, butters! I hope you had a good day today because I did. Having apple pie for breakfast actually really made my day, haha, and then I also had strawberry cheesecake for snack which tasted soo heavenly (take a peek on my instagram if you're curious :p). Okay, what I'm gonna review today is a lipstain from Revlon Just Bitten, what's more is that this lip stain doesn't only have stain but also a balm to prevent your lips from drying. So, here's a review on Just Bitten Lip stain+Balm in Crave/Envie from Revlon~

1. Before (with Etude House Lip Concealer); 2. Applied only in center (Indoor light); 3. Fully applied+balm (Indoor light); 4. Fully applied +balm (Outdoor light)
Pros :
1. Great lasting power!
2. Not drying.
3. Lovely colour.

Cons : 
1. Bit hard to apply.

This stain is very nice. I love it for its really long lasting aspect (only applies if you put enough layer though). You don't have to worry if you still have colours on your lips after eating greasy foods because it stays there or at least there's still a hint of pink that I don't feel the need to apply more stain. What I don't really like is the marker like applicator. I have to put more effort applying it, but I guess it's worth the lasting power. Just don't forget to apply the balm to avoid dry lips. I's recommend you to buy this product ;)

It's time to part again, I hope you find this post helpful.
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