Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OOTD : Breeze in the Rain

Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Hi again, butters! 
I'm here again to post an outfit post. It's only one post but I'm struggling as I'm writing this. Writing really needs a lot of thoughts, time, and will, eventhough there are only a few paragraphs here. Finally I've got all three with me now. Besides writing this post, choosing a title is also a hard work. Right then, please keep scrolling to see what I'm wearing in this post.

What I wore :
  • White top. I don't think this is a crop top but it's rather short for a regular blouse, the cloth was thick though. It's got cute flowery details at the lower side.
  • Blue mini skirt. The colour and the light cloth really gives off this breezy feel, balances the thick top.
  • White sandals. A cute pair of sandals that completes the light look.
  • Stag necklace and silver watch for accessories.
The day I wore this, which was a meetup with my gals at a Korean restaurant. It was a warm one but it was also pouring. So, I wasn't sure if I should wear it thick or thin. But, then guess I didn't really have to worry, because I spent most of the time indoor and in car. Although I got quite lots of mosquito bites for taking some photos outside the restaurant. 
I only took a few OOTD photos, so here are some pics of the food I had with my friends hehe.

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See you next post~

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