Saturday, September 13, 2014

OOTD : Black on Black

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Hi, butters!
Today's ootd will be what I wore for my trip to Melbourne last February.
Here's my ootd day 1. Scroll down, please~

What I wore :
  • Black sweater. I wore it inside my jacket. I really needed to keep myself warm on the first day before I adapt to the extreme weather change.
  • Black windbreaker jacket. Break them winds!
  • Beige shawl with glittery stars print. They're not too thick but enough to warm my neck.
  • Striped bag. I like big bags, I can put anything there hehe.
  • Black pants with swallow print. Although they're actually maternity pants (yes, I accidentally bought them), they're pretty comfortable to wear (so I got that going for me). It keeps me warm and I feel like I'm in my pj's when I'm wearing these without making me look like I'm about to hit the bed, though.
  • Orange loafers. Very comfortable to walk in for a street walker (or runner cause I catch trams and buses and trains too).
If you're curious to where I went on the first day in Melbourne, please follow me, subscribe, add me to your circle, or anything. Because I'll be posting about the Melbourne vacation soon.
Thank you for being a nice reader, feel free to come back anytime.
See you soon.

A photograph with my cute myki pouch (panda)~

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