Sunday, September 14, 2014

Last Holiday : Melbourne, Day 0-1

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 0 : Boarding and Arrival

Hi, butters..  

I finally get the mood and enough will to write about my last holiday last February, when I went to Melbourne. I went there to visit my sister as well and it was a really fun one because I got to board the plane by myself. Though, I didn't find it enjoyable when I departed from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur for a transit, because the flight was delayed for like 2 hours resulting I missed the flight from KL to Melbourne.

Fortunately I didn't miss the flight by myself, cause I would not know what to do then. I met these really nice mid 50's auntie and uncle, and they offer me to cling with them while they tried to claim compensation. Thankfully the company is willing to give us a free one night accommodation and a flight schedule for the next day (actually these kind of things aren't unexpected, as the company should be the one responsible for our miss flight). The hotel we stayed wasn't fancy of course, but it was comfortable enough to give us a good night rest after a dinner treat at a nearby small eatery by the very kind couple. They were really really kind, seriously.

A slight view of the hotel's dining area, the breakfast was quite nice
But, for the next day what made the miss flight worse was when we checked in our baggages, turned out that we got (additional) excess baggage. I got charged for 2 additional kgs, which makes my baggage exceeded 5 kgs in total. It already had exceeded 3 kgs when I board from Indonesia, but I'm not sure, maybe It was cause by the gravitation change or something making it heavier in KL. The couple was also charged for their excess baggage, while theirs weren't exceeding the quota back in Indonesia. But, what could we do, we eventually paid for the charge. Finally we got to board the plane to Melbourne, yay. It was a really long flight, I spent it reading Red Dragon while listening to mp3s. If I'm not mistaken, It was 2 pm Malaysian time, and we arrived at 12am Victoria time. And it was time to part with the really kind and really nice couple, I feel like I really owe them so much as I could only say thank you which surely wasn't enough. So I'll let people around the world know of how much this couple was so kind to me by writing here.

It was midnight, when I arrived at Tullamarine,
and I got on that bus with my sis and her boyfie.
My sister waiting for me with her worn out face, haha (with love)
I was only wearing a thin cardigan, a shirt, a blue shawl, and black tights. It was quite freezing at 12pm, didn't expect that.
First photo with my sis at Tullamarine,
and she was understanding enough to bring me this jacket,
though I was boasting it was not that cold haha.
Having arrived and met my sister and her boyfie at Tullamarine, we rushed back to get some sleep to recharge our energy for tomorrow.

Day 1 : Jam Factory

On the first day, we went to Jam Factory, in Chapel Street, South Yarra. There were shops, restaurants, and cinema. The place was very spacious as there weren't many visitors that time. I looked around at topshop, and found a really cute stag necklace. Since I started watching Hannibal, I have this weird craze over stag stuffs, haha, so of course I had to buy the necklace. And I got a lipstick too, that I already reviewed here. After a little shopping and a lot of time spent window shopping, I had paella from Nandos for lunch. Nandos brings us Portuguese cooking and it was nice and unique, for it was my first time having such meal.

Stag necklace (looks gold here, but it's rosy gold)
Paella (tasted nice :9)

Gacha machine for necklaces and earings (cute)

There's a Photobooth too.
Sis' boyfie said this was a factory before it became a shopping centre.
I wonder? This was probably a chimney?


I just happen to like taking pictures with movies' posters (haha)
Sooo, do I have british skin now?
 I find restroom selfie is necessary
For dinner, we dropped by Chapelli's for a carbonara and pizza. We were catching up the tram, so we had to take our meals out. I love the pasta and the pizza, well, no one can hate both right?

Sorry for the disturbing picture. I just want to show you how delicious the pizza was.
The street at night. Lights!
And then, we headed back home to prepare for tomorrow~

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy this post.
Please look forward for Day 2 post.

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