Sunday, October 12, 2014

Last Holiday : Melbourne day 4-5 + OOTD

Sunday, October 12, 2014
Hello, butters. Long time no see, but here I am again to tell you more about my holiday in Melbourne. So there's gonna be two days on this post as always, but there's not much on day 4 as we decided to take a break that day. 

Day 4 : Resting day

It was Sunday, so we went to church. It was a small church in the suburb, and it was exciting to attend an english mass at a church abroad. Although, I didn't quite understand the sermon, it was an interesting experience. After church, we spent the whole day relaxing at home.

Day 5 : South Yarra, Southbank, City

First thing first, before starting today's trip. Outfit of the day! And I took some pictures with my sister, so today's ootd is featuring my sister, haha.

What I wore : 
  • Stag Necklace
  • Leopard blouse
  • Rubber skater skirt
  • Striped bag
  • Fisherman shoes

FYI, I like making weird faces.

Today, we went to Adriana Zumbo at Claremont st, South Yarra for a quick breakfast. The cakes looked really heavenly there, the pastries made me drool so much too. At last I fell for their Zonut which stands for Zumbo cronut and I ordered chai latte to accompany this loveable pastry.
The interior was unique. The walls were made of some kind of mirror and there was these neon lights read Adriana Zumbo. So, the mirror kinda gave off a futuristic(?) reflection of the lights which was really cool.

Colourful macarons! With plenty choices of flavors and they're quite cheap too.

Moving to their cakes specialties.

They look really wonderful and unique, but also quite pricey for a slice. 

And, pastries! Love 'em so much, those shiny, and doff, and glittery pastries, lol. The pastries are quite cheap and they're filling too.

And, here are my breakfast. Zonut and chai latte.


The zonut was heavenly, because you get to tast 2 kinds of filling. On the left side was probably some vanilla cream and the right side was strawberry filling. I love them both. While for the chai latte, I think it lacked some chai (to my taste bud, though).

After the sweet brekkie, we walked our way to the southbank. I think this place is like a business complex, but there's also a shopping centre near it. We're going to DFO, a shopping centre that offers a variety of stuffs from stationary to fashion pieces with a nice price. Again, I didn't take many pictures there, because I enjoyed myself too much window shopping and a little shopping, lol. But, I did take some pictures at the business complex. The weather was too good to not enjoy the moment and take any pictures.

A couple of pictures I took at DFO.

After some quick shopping, we went to the city to sit for lunch. We chose a vietnam restaurant and ordered fried spring rolls and some phos.  Those spring rolls were really good, but I'm not really a fan of the pho, though.

Righ when we're about to finish our meal, guess what. We could see people running down the street from inside the restaurant, then I remembered that the day before, a friend told me that "Running Man" is coming to Melbourne. Quickly we paid for the food and went to check out what those people were running for. Then, after spending some minutes running and looking around without any ideas if it was really "Running Man", we stopped at this alley and look to the right, and this was what I found. Haha, I was like oh my god, oh my god. I was too excited to actually saw not just one but two kpop artists! They were too real! Although I'm not really a big fan of them but I enjoy watching "Running Man" and I really love Rain's singing and his acting in "Full House". And also this was the first time I met celebrities that I like! I was only 1 meter apart from them. Too bad I didn't speak Korean. Nevertheless meeting Kpop artists like this was quite exciting, with all the running and sweating, haha.

Okay, I think this is all for today. I hope you feel excited too, reading this post. Thanks for visiting my blog, and please look forward for the next post. Next holiday's post we're going to Gold Coast for several days. See you, butters.

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