Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Last Holiday : Melbourne day 6/Gold Coast day 1

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Hello, butters. I'm back again with my holiday post. Today, we're flying to Gold Coast to get some warm air. We planned to spend the whole day at Sea World, so keep scrolling to follow us.

The weather was really cold back in Melbourne, so I decided to leave with sweater there. Turned out that I was sweating right when I put my feet on Gold Coast's ground.
Here is Gold Coast airport.

We went straight to our hotel at Surfer's Paradise. I really loved the view on my room's balcony. Just imagine if you could wake up to a river with ships, chirping birds, sunlight. It would be the perfect morning for me, haha.

There's also a bar and a bus stop nearby.

Here's a view behind the bus stop. I guess it really was paradise there.

We took a walk to a mall near our hotel to have some lunch before going to sea world. The stomach must be fueled first.

We had a seat at an Irish cafe.

Ordered fish and chips for only $10 and also had a refreshing cocktail. They tasted really good, moreover the cocktail really cools me down in such hot day.

Finally, we arrived at sea world. By feet. Well, we took the bus halfway though.

They have a cute spongebob neighbourhood there.

You can find some rides here, and you definitely cannot pass them. I even rode the one below twice. Don't be scared to get a bit wet, or you won't get the fun, haha.

I had some talk with those cuties there.

I don't know why I striked such pose. But a weird pose is needed anyway.

So, before we went home, we went in a photo booth.

Bye-bye sea world.

Thanks for following my adventure today. See you next time, for Gold Coast's second day post.
Have a nice day :)

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