Saturday, November 29, 2014

OOTD : Fun with polka

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Hi, butters. It's weekend again, and I'll be posting an OOTD. Today's outfit keypoint is polkadots and peplum. Maybe I can call it a modern twist on a retro piece? So, if you're wondering on what to wear when hanging out with your friends or family or just by yourself keep scrolling :)

What I wore :
  • Black headband with white polkadots.
  • White peplum blouse with black polkadots. Somehow, I feel like this top gives off a retro feeling especially matched with the headband and my floating fringe. It kinda reminds me of 'Hoot' from Girls' Generation.
  • Olive green shorts.
  • Black clutch.
  • White sandals. I never wanted to own and wear this pair of Birkenstock-like sandals until I saw an episode from the Korean drama Master's Sun where the female lead character wore a similiar pair. I thought that it was quite cute and really comfortable to wear sandals like these sometimes. This pair is from a local brand. 
If you notice, I never really write the brands I'm wearing because most of the times I don't wear branded items, so I don't bother writing them here. Besides, I think you don't need to wear brands to look stylish, instead wear your style to look stylish. Just wear whatever that you think is your personality or because you simply like it. This is a tip that I always hold on to, remember to wear them on the right time and the right place.

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I hope this post inspires you. Have a great weekend and see you next time :)

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