Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scwharzkopf : FreshLight Foam Color Melty Cherry

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Good day, butters! I just dyed my hair 3 weeks ago and I'm loving the colour right now. So, today's post will be about the hair dye. Keep scrolling :)

What's inside?
Bubbles! (or foam)
On process

Pros :
1. Easy to use
2. No dry hair after colouring
Cons :
1. Ammonia smell
2. Quite pricey

I spent nearly 45 minutes to apply the hair dye, and I only used 3/4 of it.
I let the hair dye stayed on my hair for around 25 minutes.
Then, I rinsed my hair only with water, no shampoo, and I applied the after-color treatment. The treatment smells really nice, but I don't think it made my hair softer.

After washing and hair-drying my hair, I was hoping to get a brighter cherry brown colour (sort of a pinkish brown). If you want a brighter colour maybe you can leave the hair dye for 30-35 minutes. I don't recommend you to leave it more than 45 minutes though, 'cause I did it once and I got an awfully awful blonde colour (lol). 
Compared to the colour sample on the box, my new hair colour quite resembles it, so I find it really nice. Also, my hair colour changes everytime the lighting changes too, and I think it's kinda cool.

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