Monday, August 11, 2014

Etude House : Dear Darling Tint No.4 Vampire Red

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hi again, butters! Today I will review about a lip tint from Etude House! It's the Dear Darling Tint in Vampire Red (No. 4). On lazy days, I just put on some powder on my face just to absorb those oils and then I'll wear a bold lip colour. It could be a tint or a lipstick, just as long as it is bold(and/or dark) I would wear it. Because the bold colour on your lips will draw attention only to your lips, which is good for lazy days when you don't feel like wearing mascara, eyeliner, foundation and whatsoever. This cheat will make you look like you're wearing a very sheer makeup, when you're actually not (or at least in my case it works that way) and also make you look really fresh and brightened your face (bye bye washed out and pale looks). 

1. Before (with Etude House Lip Concealer); 2. Applied only in center (Indoor light); 3. Fully applied (Indoor light); 4. Fully applied (Outdoor light)


Pros :
1. Pigmented.
2. Smells sweet like grape.
3. You can blend it with other lip colour to make it bolder.
4. Cheap.

Cons :
1. A bit hard to apply on upper lip.
2. Lasting time is not long enough.
3. Have to reapply after eating.

Overall, I love this lip tint. Love the colour, the texture, the smell, moreover for its cheap price. I'd love to buy this again and I recommend you to buy this. I hope this post is helpful, keep reading my blog. Feel free to ask me questions or leave comments. 
Thanks for reading and see you next time :)

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