Saturday, August 2, 2014

OOTD : Playful Pastel

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Today I'm going to post more ootd and it's pastel again. But this time, it's a different pastel of course. A more colourful pastel outfit i wore to a brunch with my friend. Everytime I go for a brunch with a friend of mine, it's not really a brunch but maybe it's more like an ootd session haha. We always get dressed up and bring a dslr and then take crazy amount of photos, probably like around 500 photos per meet up haha. You bet, we're just normal girls too. So, here we go to today's ootd.

What I wore :
  • Rainbow sweater. A gift from that friend of mine when she went to LA. This is from Almost Famous. It's really comfortable, the knit is quite thick so it will warm you in a cold weather.
  • Blue boho midi skirt. Which was my mom's. I chose this skirt to match my sweater.
  • Brown bag. Mom got this for me from a local store when she went to Bandung. It can hold lots of things and 3 parts which will help you organize your things better.
  • Black fisherman shoes. Or sandals or wedges or platform. Really comfortable to wear and I also wear it here. Check it out. I bought this pair from Santini store in Melbourne.
Please enjoy more photos of me, hehe.
I hope they bring inspiration to you.

Daydreaming of the food I'm about to eat.
Chocolate butter toast and soy milk. Yum
A slight look of my makeup
Thanks for reading my post, butters. 
See you next post.

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