Friday, August 1, 2014

OOTD : Clean Pastel

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hi butters! Today is Friday and I've decided to give you some ideas for the weekend by posting an outfit of the day. In this ootd, I want to bring out a clean look by wearing a white-dominated outfit. And, I matched it with a pastel pleated mini skirt to give it a sweet and cute touch. I wore this to a brunch (which obviously is around noon), or you can wear it to a picnic or other casual occasions. As we're playing with minis here, this outfit will keep you feel 'cool' and 'cool' (at the same time) on a warm weather. Check out my photos below :)

What I wore :
  • White blouse. This baby doll-styled blouse has a polkadot pattern with short puffy sleeves. It's loose style makes it really comfortable to wear. It has this 'kawaii' feel and what I also love about this blouse is the puffy sleeves which will conceal your upper arms, especially for you with big or flabby upper arms like me. hehe
  • Rainbow bracelet. I got this some years ago in a souvenir market when I went to Bali. It matches the rainbow polkadot pattern on my blouse.
  • Silver Guess watch. The one thing I'll never leave the house without. I've gotta keep track on time because time is money, I guess? haha
  • Aquamarine skirt. It's a mini skirt with pleats and white flowers pattern. I'm not really sure if it is aquamarine or light blue, but It's pastel, right.
  • Brown sling bag. It's from Guess. This brown bag completes the simple clean look I'm trying to achieve.
  • Chunky heels. Made in China. I bought it online. The colours are very light pink and light blue with white heels. Matches the pastel skirt. Chunky heels seem to be pretty 'hip' right now and it's really comfortable to walk with, because we have more area for our feet to step on. 

Thanks for reading. I hope you're inspired.
Play with your looks and have a nice weekend.
See you soon, butters!

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